🌿Seth Rogen’s startup Houseplant is bringing high-quality cannabis to market.

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Houseplant, a lifestyle brand rooted in cannabis founded by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, today announced its launch in the United States. Starting Thursday, March 11, 2021, Houseplant will bring high-quality cannabis and design-led, innovative home goods to the U.S. market. The launch follows the brand’s 2019 entry into the Canadian cannabis market, where Houseplant quickly became one of the most sought-after brands in the country.

“Houseplant was born out of our love and passion for cannabis, design and art,” said Rogen. “Evan and I also recognize that our lifelong dream of starting a cannabis lifestyle brand like Houseplant comes with a commitment to changing the unjust and racist cannabis laws that still exist in today’s society. We understand our responsibility to help right those wrongs and are dedicated to creating a more diverse, equitable cannabis industry.”

Unifying the worlds of “House” and “Plant,” Houseplant is creating an entirely new cannabis experience through one-of-a-kind expert insights from Rogen and Goldberg that marry perfectly with its line of original, premium Housegoods. Houseplant products are designed to weave seamlessly into a modern lifestyle and enhance the individual’s living space, each carefully thought out and meticulously crafted. Houseplant will launch with three flower strains, including two sativas and one indica, as well as three Housegoods products, including a Block Table Lighter, a Vinyl Box Set and an Ashtray Set designed by Seth. After launch, Houseplant will be releasing new Housegood products every few weeks.

Houseplant celebrates cannabis and treats it with the reverence it deserves. With their long history of cannabis consumption and appreciation, Rogen and Goldberg went through an extensive process of personally testing hundreds of strains before landing on launch strains of two sativas, Diablo Wind and Pancake Ice, and one indica, Pink Moon. Like their groundbreaking film “Pineapple Express,” Houseplant strains are named after weather phenomena. The strains feature unique flavor profiles and boast high percentages of THC and other cannabinoids to ensure the best possible experience. Houseplant packaging is recyclable, customized to maintain flower freshness and unlike anything otherwise seen on the market. When vetting cultivators, a rigorous process is followed to ensure alignment in values, including quality of product, sustainable cultivation techniques, operational consistency, business acumen, and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

“Introducing Houseplant in the U.S. has been a long time coming and we’ve taken a disciplined approach to set ourselves up for long term success,” said Michael Mohr, co-founder and chief executive officer of Houseplant. “We have spent years obsessing about the underserved cannabis consumer, researching and ideating what the holistic Houseplant experience should look like. We are proud to share this beautiful collection of Housegoods and cannabis strains with the public.”

Houseplant home goods will be available for shipping across the U.S. on http://www.houseplant.com. Houseplant cannabis will initially be available in select markets in California via a delivery service accessible through http://www.houseplant.com and will roll out to select dispensaries across the state later this spring.

For more information, visit http://www.houseplant.com and follow Houseplant via social media on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/houseplant.


About Houseplant
Founded by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Michael Mohr, James Weaver, and Alex McAtee, Houseplant is a lifestyle brand rooted in cannabis that creates and curates thoughtful design-led, innovative products. The brand unifies the worlds of “House” and “Plant” to offer a top-tier cannabis experience through one-of-a-kind expert insights paired perfectly with well-designed, premium home goods. Houseplant emphasizes social impact and is committed to ending the unjust, racist cannabis laws that, despite legalization in many parts of the country, still exist today. To learn more, please visit http://www.houseplant.com.

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