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Becoming successful with conversational writing style

One of the techniques used today to give your writing a casual, relaxed feel is the conversational style. What are the advantages of conversational style in ...

🇸🇮 Beekeeping in Slovenia: an industry that supports the economic and social development of the country

Slovenia is known as one of the most bee-friendly countries in the world, with over 10,000 beekeepers and more than 180,000 beehives. Beekeeping is not just a ...

🇸🇮 How to establish your brand? A Guide to Successful Market Entry in Slovenia.

Entering a new market can be a daunting task for any business. It involves extensive market research, identifying competitors, and developing a brand identity ...

🇭🇷 Croatia as an incredible investment opportunity for the near future?

Croatia has made significant progress in recent years in terms of economic growth and stability, which has led to increased foreign investment in the country. ...

🇸🇮 Slovenia ideal destination for investors

Slovenia's economy is growing rapidly, with a stable and transparent business environment. The country's business-friendly policies and regulations have earned ...

Business education is an essential component of success in the modern business world

In today's fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, the importance of business education cannot be overstated. A strong foundation in business ...

🇺🇸 Will the Collapse of Silicon Valley Banks Have a Long-Term Impact on the Startup Ecosystem?

The collapse of Silicon Valley banks has raised concerns about its impact on the startup ecosystem. Read on to understand the potential long-term effects and ...

🇨🇭 Discover the ITC’s SheTrades Online Learning Platform!

This month ITC features one of the ITC's SheTrades Virtual Learning Space (VLS). The SheTrades VLS is an online learning platform dedicated to women ...

🇺🇦 UGEARS – enter the beautiful world of elegant wooden mechanics for young and old

The laser- cut wooden model kits and 3D puzzles from the Ukrainian company UGEAR are a great choice if you want to enter the beautiful world of mechanics. ...

🇫🇷 Bring your startup to the next level with Incubateur HEC Paris – Apply by 13th June 2022

L'Incubateur HEC Paris is currently recruiting its next batch of startups for September 2022! The L'Incubateur HEC Paris expertise lies in the quality of their ...

🇮🇳 OPEN CALL: Unicorn India Ventures 2022 (LAST DAY!)

Unicorn India are an early-stage technology-focused Indian registered venture fund. They are eager to invest in and partner with dedicated entrepreneurs that ...

OPEN CALL: NDRC Accelerator 2022, 100k per team –  Apply by 7.6.2022

The NDRC Accelerator is a programme for early stage, globally scalable tech startups that helps founders build their business and raise funding. Every year, an ...

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