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This month ITC features one of the ITC’s SheTrades Virtual Learning Space (VLS).

The SheTrades VLS is an online learning platform dedicated to women entrepreneurs, exporters and business owners. It includes short courses on a wide variety of topics including export strategy, marketing, logistics, competitiveness, financing, and quality control. Although its materials are specifically aimed at and designed for women, its catalogue is available to all and remains open throughout the year.

Importantly, the same login information can be used to access both the SheTrades VLS and the SME Trade Academy. Come explore what’s available and find some courses that might interest you! Some of the SheTrades’ most popular courses include:

The International Trade Environment

This module introduces you to, not just the importance of global markets, but also what it actually takes to engage in international trade, asking participants to seriously consider whether or not international trade might be something in which they would like to engage, whether now or in the future.

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Defining Your Business

This module will present you the various elements of a strong business definition, and conclude with an activity to help participants determine their own business definition with a view towards improving their competitiveness.

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Incoterms and International Transportation

This module covers the various different arrangements that guide the international transport of goods. It does this by outlining the Incoterms 2010, which assign responsibilities for goods transported between buyers and sellers, as well as through an overview of the various international modes of transportation that can be used.

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Determining a Business Model

Once the business idea has been refined, the course takes participants through the process of deciding what business model they should apply to their venture. Focusing on the concept of the value proposition, it explains how to determine where their business’ value lies, and how their business might generate revenue from it. It concludes with the creation of a Business Model Canvas and an explanation of how to use storytelling as a powerful tool for communication, in preparation for the next course.

Click to find out more on SHETRADES -> https://www.shetrades.com/



ITC’s e-learning platform offers 100+ free online courses in different languages, available to all

The SME Trade Academy provides a public learning platform with more than 100 free online courses on export development, sustainability, trade support, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and market analysis.

ITC’s courses are aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), mostly in developing and least-developed countries.

But others find ITC’s courses useful too: government agencies, policymakers, members of international organizations, trade and investment support institutions, and academia.


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