🇫🇷 Bring your startup to the next level with Incubateur HEC Paris – Apply by 13th June 2022

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L’Incubateur HEC Paris is currently recruiting its next batch of startups for September 2022! The L’Incubateur HEC Paris expertise lies in the quality of their support, of the network of experts, and of the introductions they provide.

All of the programs, therefore, include the same support features and resources, all available remotely.

What will you get in L’Incubateur HEC Paris programs?

  • Bi-monthly one-on-one mentoring by the incubator team
  • A community of 800 founders from 500 startups to share experience and practices
  • A pool of 600 experts who deliver close to 600 hours of meeting per month on their specialty topics and industries.
  • Access to investors for fundraising.
  • Qualified business meetings from corporate partners.
  • Dedicated workforce to build and grow faster.
  • Discounts with tools and suppliers
  • Exclusive events and masterclasses.
  • To know more about L’Incubateur HEC Paris programs (https://www.notion.so/hecparis/Candidate-Antechamber-fb7b68281371490baf3bff7326396a53)

L’Incubateur HEC Paris mission is to bring the best resources available to propulse your startup to the next level.

Who should you be to get into the program?

  • A learner with a link to HEC Paris (which you are if you completed a MOOC with us).
  • An ambitious startup founder with a will to change the world.
  • Already working full-time on your project.
  • The creator of at least a prototype or MVP of a product.

The startup batches get selected every quarter, at the beginning of each season of the year. If you want to get ready for the next one, you will just have to follow the steps below:

### Application Steps

Do you want to get ready for the application process? The first step is an eligibility evaluation.

Eligibility criteria are the following :

– You must be implicated 100% of your time on your project
– Your project need to me mature enough: you must have something to sell, an MVP, a prototype or a full product, not just an idea
– You need a link with HEC (Alumni, Student, or [MOOC certificate](https://www.coursera.org/learn/tech-startup))
– You need to have more than 3 months of financial runway
– You must be available to come to Paris for the first 3 months of your incubation if you select our physical program. If you are not, please make sure that you select the online program.

### Application Journey

– *Receive application call*

From one of our recruitment channels, you receive the news that we launched a new recruitment call.

– *Fill up Application Form*

In concert with your co-founders, you have five weeks to fill out the application questionnaire, and record your personal videos.

– *Receive First Answer*

After a couple weeks of waiting, you will receive the first answer by mail. If the answer is positive, you will be made aware of the details of the jury process.

– *Practice your pitch*

As recommended, you have two weeks to practice and perfect your pitch and the timing thereof, as well as prepare answers for commonly asked questions.

– *Present in front of the Jury*

The 20 minutes will pass in a blink and the stress can finally abate, the die is cast.

– *Receive Second Answer*

A few days after the jury sessions, you will finally receive the final answers by mail and discovers whether you will join the next batch.

– *Prepare for Station F Onboarding*

The entire Application process takes place on our Airtable platform.

We recommend that you fill in the eligibility application as soon as possible since we recommend that you explore the round 2 application in advance so that you can dedicate the necessary time to properly answer each question.

Here is the list of questions of round 2 : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LM67jT1jsGuljeoITz4XbX4_-JXvpK0u2w2IcF9a6Yo/edit?usp=sharing

Which program can you enroll in?

Station F Program

In this program, startups are incubated within our 200+ desks space at Station F.

How much? €250 / desk / month

The price then increases by €25 / desk / month every quarter.

  • If you have not yet launched your project or feel that you are too early in your development: It’s never too early to become a part of the HEC Incubateur community! Subscribe to the newsletter (https://incubateurhec.substack.com/) to become familiar with the incubees and experts, by exploring their news, reading the content, and watching the webinars.

Online Program

In this program, startups are incubated remotely, whatever their geographical location and membership to co-working spaces or other incubators.

How much? €400 / startup / month

€400 (excl. tax) per project per month.

  • If you are a startup founder in Paris or planning to move there for the duration of the program: Apply to the physical program (https://airtable.com/shrQtEn1imHirvK5Z), and become one of the 200+ entrepreneurs working together in our space within Station F, the biggest startups campus in the world.

The policy at Incubateur HEC Paris is that our incubees can stay with Incubateur HEC Paris as long as they need to. What that means is that the number of new startups Incubateur HEC Paris can accept is actually dependent on the number of incubees that choose to move to new offices every quarter.

While there might be unexpected variations in the yearly flow of arrivals and departures, and thus variations in the amount of new incubees, Incubateur HEC Paris selectivity rate is usually around 8% of all applying startups.

Here are the following key dates : 

  • Deadline for the eligibility form : 13/06/2022
  • Deadline for the first round : 20/06/2022
  • First round results : 4/07/2022
  • Jurys : 18, 19, 20 and 21/07/2022
  • Admission results : 29/07/2022
  • Intake : 01/09/2022



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