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Virbela’s mission is to help people thrive in a remote-first future. Since 2012, they have been engineering and designing immersive 3D environments that provide the presence and emotional connection of being together in person. With the pandemic, working in 3D environments is closer to reality than ever.

Peter Diamandis Hosts Gathering of Innovators in VirBELA

A recent Glassdoor survey found that nearly 9 in 10 workers want to continue working from home at least part-time, even after it’s safe to return to the office. And when it comes to remote learning, higher education students see the benefits too: 70% of students said in a recent survey that they would consider taking more virtual classes in the future.

THE METAVERSE: A Glimpse into the Future of Work’ Panel with the founders of Virbela, Second Life, and other XR Thought Leaders

Join a one-of-a-kind interactive panel discussion with the founders of Virbela, Second Life, High Fidelity, and other thought leaders in XR.

In many ways, the Metaverse is already here. Virtual worlds like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite have billions of users and economies that rival small countries. What role will virtual worlds and the Metaverse play in the future of work? Join the world’s most prominent thought leaders in XR for a lively discussion as they share their vision and unravel this question.

Learn from these awesome people that will be participating in this panel.

CATHY HACKL, AR/VR Futurist, Author, Speaker; x-Magic Leap, Amazon
Cathy is a leading tech futurist and globally recognized business leader specializing in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and spatial computing.

PHILIP ROSEDALE CEO & Co-Founder of High Fidelity; Founder of Second Life
A lifelong entrepreneur, in 2003, Philip helped create a virtual civilization called Second Life. He is currently the CEO of High Fidelity, working on the prototype stages of a new global virtual world.

ALEX HOWLAND President & Co-Founder Virbela; PHD in Organizational Psychology
Alex dedicated his doctoral research to studying the impact of virtual worlds on remote collaboration. Out of this research, he founded Virbela, a leading virtual world platform for work, education and events.

CHARLIE FINK XR Consultant, Columnist, Author, and Adjunct Faculty at Chapman University
Charlie Fink is a Forbes columnist and the author of a new book, “Remote Collaboration, Virtual Conferences and the Future of Work” (May 2020).

Where & When:

‍Thursday, May 13th, 12:00 pm PT (3:00 pm ET) in the Virbela Open Campus.
Worldwide times:

Topics include:

  • What is the Metaverse and what role will it play in the future of work?
  • Why has the Metaverse and virtual worlds become a more relevant topic today than ever before?
  • What are the technology advancements still needed to encourage mass adoption?

After the panel discussion, stick around for a networking session and opportunity to talk with panelists and other event attendees.


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