Pirate Summit 2023 – Walk the Plank Pitch Applications are Open until April 27th.

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Pirate Summit is looking for some of the most exciting startups again. Last year’s Walk-The-Plank Pitch Competition at PIRATE Summit was a success. Very international line-up, startups that solved real problems, 4 out of 5 finalists were female.

Walk-the-Plank pitch competition

We all know that raising money for your business is difficult. It is not easy to convince anyone but your mother.

Now imagine you have to do it on a narrow wooden plank. With lots of sharks under your feet. That’s how you can imagine the Walk-the-Plank pitch competition. At least roughly. Only true pirates can master the plank. Use it to impress hungry investors by circling your feet.


👉Apply HERE for the Walk-the-Plank Pitch Competition and pitch at PIRATE Summit on June 28.
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May be an image of 1 person, bicycle, fire and outdoors

What makes PIRATE Summit unique?😎

🛤️ The location: a scrapyard turned into an outdoor art gallery, close to railroad tracks. It offers enough space for robots, fire, networking, and fun.

🎆 The festival-like atmosphere: it’s a fusion of business, art and experiences. Some call it the “Burning Man” of the startup conferences (not us).

🤝 The people: every participant is carefully selected to ensure the right crowd to create meaningful connections.

🎤 The agenda: we strive for interactivity, peer-to-peer learning, and meaningful exchange.

*The Pirate Summit is a startup conference held annually in Germany, where entrepreneurs, investors, and startup enthusiasts come together to share knowledge, network, and explore new opportunities. The event features keynote speeches, panel discussions, startup pitches, and workshops on various topics related to entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Pirate Summit is known for its unconventional and pirate-themed approach to entrepreneurship, which includes dressing up as pirates and emphasizing risk-taking, creativity, and disruption. It is a popular event for startups in Europe and around the world, attracting attendees from diverse backgrounds and industries.


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