📣Open Call – The universe is calling all entrepreneurs and startups to lift-off to space through SUN Open Calls.

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At SUN, they are all about creating opportunities to help entrepreneurs, startups and SME’s grow, connect, and evolve in the downstream and upstream space industry.

If you are ready to lift-off, apply now to the SUN Open Call. 

Opening date: 15 April, 2021, 12:00 CET

Closing date: 27 May 2021, 12:00 CET 


The Open Call aims to scout and select entrepreneurs and startups to join one of the following SUN Programmes.

Pre-incubation supportSupporting entrepreneurs that have promising business ideas and helping them to reach problem/solution fit, preparing them for the incubation services and matching with incubation initiatives best addressing their needs and matching their profile. 

Duration of the mentorship programme – up to 3 months.

Pre-acceleration support 

Providing help to start-ups that received incubation support, helping them to reach market/solution fit, preparing them for the acceleration stage and helping them to get into the most reputable acceleration programmes or secure pre-seed investment.

Duration of the mentorship programme – up to 6 months.

Post-acceleration support 

Scouting and mentoring start-ups and scale-ups that already have significant traction and have a validated project and helping them to secure seed or series A investment or sell their products/services to a large number of customers. Duration of the mentorship programme – up to 6 months.


How to apply?

For a successful application please read the following document:

Application for the programmes is done only through F6S on the following links:


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