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Our Slovenia-based stringers accompany you from the research and planning phases to the implementation of your assignment anywhere in Slovenia.
With our editorial and journalistic background, we start helping you in the early production stage. We help you with finding ideas, creating a production plan. Furthermore, we provide background information, help with filming permits, find interview partners, organize transport and accommodation,
interpret and help you make your production pleasant and efficient.

If you are in the early stage of production, feel free to send us your ideas and let us help you plan and start the production with the support of fellow journalists and editors.

Our satisfied customers include ARD , ZDF , WDR , BR, ARTE.



More about Slovenia

Slovenia is a popular destination with filmmakers and tourists alike! Read on and learn more about Slovenia’s rich nature, developed economy and interesting geostrategic location in the middle of Europe.

Slovenia occupies an interesting position as it lies at the crossroads of European corridors running east to west and north to south. Beyond the 1,370-kilometer national border, Slovenia’s neighbors are Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. To the west, Slovenia is bounded by the Adriatic Sea. From Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana it is only a 3.5-hour drive to Vienna and 2.5 hours to Venice and the whole country can be reached in just over an hour.

Slovenia offers a wealth of exceptional natural beauty and is the third most forested country in Europe after Finland and Sweden. Several thousand brown bears, wolves and lynxes live in the Slovenian forests.

Some 65 thousand companies in Slovenia generated $ 91.3 billion in revenue last year, up four percent from the year before. Of that, $33.8 billion was generated in foreign markets, an increase of eight percent over the previous year.
Many international companies have established themselves in Slovenia, such as the Chinese company Huawei, the Japanese company Yaskawa, etc.

One of the most famous projects filmed in Slovenia in 2008 is the popular movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The filmmakers found the filming location for the fairytale land of Narnia in the middle of beautiful nature, in the valley of the Soča River, which has become world-famous thanks to its turquoise color and pristine gorges.

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