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The first professional NIVY Watch smartwatches – special offer

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An important part of our upcoming NIVY Watch is an advanced technology for precise distance measurement.

Thanks to specialized hardware components and software algorithms, NIVY Watch can be used for precise indoor positioning and to ensure social distance.

This is a topic that is widely discussed in the world today.

NIVY Watch offers a combination of unique hardware and software optimized for use in business scenarios. The product will consist of the following components:

Smartwatch – Professional quality watches made of industrial materials with unique ergonomics, ready and comfortable for any kind of work

Firmware – Android-based operating system adapted for business use and enhanced with specialized applications that use clock sensors for business scenarios

Scalable Multi-Charging Station – allows you to load and update up to hundreds of clocks at once

Data Factory – Cloud-based business solution for managing collected information, data analysis, integration with third-party analysis tools and management of Smartwatches

Unlike other single-purpose systems of social distancing, however, the social distancing function of NIVY Watch is highly configurable and open. This means that it can be freely extended and adapted. Either based on how the situation of COVID -19 evolves in your area, or even including specific requirements of an entire company – large or small.

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The first professional NIVY Watch smartwatches – special offer
The first professional NIVY Watch smartwatches – special offer
800 EUR

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