Featured Founder
🇺🇦Kapitolina Voronezhska – Founder and CEO of Sidekick Solutions, Connecting people through sport activities 

Finding the right balance between innovation and market demand is critical for entrepreneurs. I approach this balance by conducting thorough market research to ...

Featured Founder
🇮🇹Giulia Iannucci, CEO and Founder of KnowThyBrand Women uses branding to champion gender equality

Networking has been critical to my business and has always been a priority when I moved my business. In fact, networking is my biggest investment, especially ...

Women Driving Economic Growth: The Importance of Female Start-Up Entrepreneurship

Female start-up entrepreneurship is crucial for the economic and social progress of society. This article explores why women-led startups are essential for the ...

🇨🇭 Discover the ITC’s SheTrades Online Learning Platform!

This month ITC features one of the ITC's SheTrades Virtual Learning Space (VLS). The SheTrades VLS is an online learning platform dedicated to women ...

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