How to become an effective communicator

Why are some people good at communicating and others not? How to stand out in the world of fast-flowing information? Today’s effective communicators use ...

Improving scientific writing with InstaText

Let us begin with the story of a professor at the university. “Oh my God – so many mistakes,” she said after looking at the results of the automatically ...

Becoming successful with conversational writing style

One of the techniques used today to give your writing a casual, relaxed feel is the conversational style. What are the advantages of conversational style in ...

InstaText – artificial intelligence and natural language processing high-tech company

InstaText d.o.o., based in Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU), specializes in the development of automated text enhancement services in various languages. The ...

InstaText – State of the Art Editor – Start sounding like a native English speaker now – 20% OFF

InstaText is state of the art writing and editing tool for business, academic and private use. It edits and proofreads your texts using sophisticated ...

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Entrepreneurial academics life – how to be successful in the world of academia

Researchers, being experts in the subject matter, need a very smart editing tool to achieve their goal of turning the complex text into articulate writing ...

Uncover your personal writing style with InstaText’s Personal Dictionary

Authors can help themselves with their unique writing style by using unique words to present themselves and the specifics of their work. InstaText helps you ...

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How to become a successful English communicator despite having a disability

Why is clear and concise communication so important? Communication is the flow of accurate information that people need and are entitled to in order to do ...

Two ingredients that will help you turn into a successful content writer

March 17, 2021 - To be a successful copywriter, you need to be able to produce great content that kills two birds with one stone: your copy needs to be both ...

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How to become a native English writer in matter of minutes?

January 4, 2021- InstaText is a smart editing and proofreading tool that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence technology and turns your simple text into ...

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