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At Business Observer24 we are dedicated to helping young and innovative companies enter new markets. The easiest and fastest way is to throw them the ropes and provide them access to knowledge and sales channels. 

For this purpose, we have started a mentoring program for Startups and SMEs, together with our partners.

A mentor can provide you with connection and support. The other most obvious benefit of finding a mentor is that you can learn from their mistakes and successes. Business mentors can help you look at problems and situations from perspectives you would not have considered on your own. 

Your mentor can help you figure out what advice to follow and advise you on more complicated business issues that your friends or family may not know the answer to

Mentoring program at Business Observer24

Our mission is to bring the best minds together and get things moving faster. We take startups and SMEs with working prototypes and/or traction and match them with experienced business people, college professors and other entrepreneurs.


  • they get a plan to achieve their professional goals faster
  • they can learn firsthand from previous experiences
  • they expand their network with people who add real value to their personal and professional development

The mentors:

  • get the chance to develop their leadership
  • experience personal and professional growth
  • engage by interacting with a wider community of entrepreneurs

Business Observer24 provides full support to mentees and mentors as they work together to achieve mentees’ professional goals

  • each mentoring participant is carefully curated
  • all participants receive their own professional presentation in the form of a PR article
  • all participants have the opportunity to ask professionals questions and receive a response
  • startups and SMEs get a chance to have their products listed on one of the largest online retailers in CEE and the Balkans

Get one on one mentor experience as you would on major events


In DECEMBER 2022 we publish the dates for the virtual ZOOM meetings between mentors and mentees. The meetings will be held individually or in a small group. Each participant will receive an invitation and password to the meeting.

IMPORTANT! How to get invited!

All participants will be carefully screened and meetings curated. To this end:

  • Fill out the application and upload your pitch deck (see below!).
  • You send us your professional presentation article focusing on the problems, solutions, market opportunities, technology and team. SUBMIT HERE!
  • The article will be professionally edited by our team and can be used by the participants for their future presentations (fees may apply, not more than 25 EUR with a coupon – upon request)

Trust to make better decisions
Knowing that you can turn to a credible mentor can give you confidence in difficult business situations. This confidence will help you stand your ground when you need to defend or stand by your business decisions.

Meeting the Mentors is a series of sponsored events organized by Business Observer24 and its partners. 


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