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At EWOR, we offer a 10-month, fully-sponsored Fellowship programme designed to assist entrepreneurial individuals in launching their own venture. The programme provides a master’s degree like education in entrepreneurship, an introduction to successful entrepreneurs and unicorn founders, and assistance in securing funding from prominent investors. Participation in the programme is open to individuals, regardless of whether they already have a start-up idea.

We began our journey in 2017 with the vision of creating a system that enables individuals to establish companies alongside universities and their employment. Since then, we have assisted participants in raising substantial funding rounds following our programmes, and have witnessed the success of our students in building ventures such as Patchwork Hub, Flike App, NUWE, Tanso, and many more.

Our three founders are accomplished entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience. Among other accomplishments, they have achieved a €500 Mio exit and have established the world’s largest youth entrepreneurship community, Sigma Squared Society.

EWOR is committed to investing up to €150,000 in selected ventures following the completion of the EWOR Fellowship programme.

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  • You will found, build, and run your own start-up for example in Social Impact
  • You will learn how to operate your own successful venture in up to 19 courses ranging from team building to no-code prototyping, as well as preparing venture capital rounds
  • You will go through an intense personal development and coaching journey
  • You will get industry-specific support from an industry partner such as Lufthansa
  • You will have to commit at least 20 hours per week for us to be able to help you succeed with your venture


You Want To Build A Start-Up

The whole EWOR Fellowship can be completed online, no relocation is needed. Fellowship, you will be the founder of a business.

You Don’t Need To Have An Idea For A Start-Up Yet

We look for great individuals, not just their ideas. As part of the programme, you will have the opportunity to develop the concept for your future start-up, if you do not have it yet.

You Want To Learn From Outstanding People

You will join a community of outstanding peers and meet our network of unicorn founders, investors, experts, and global CEOs.

You live in the EU/EEA, the US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Latin America

The EWOR Fellowships are currently only for those who are residents of any country in the EU/EEA, the US, Canada, the UK, Switzerland, and selected Latin American countries ((Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay).

Unfortunately, if you are not a resident of/ have the right to work in one of these countries, we cannot consider you for our programmes at this time.


  • The EWOR Fellowship is a 10-month programme designed for highly motivated individuals who aspire to accelerate their entrepreneurial journey.
  • EWOR provides its fellows with free office space, a network of mentors, investors, and peers, tailored lesson plans, and assistance with employment if their venture should fail.
  • EWOR will invest up to €150,000 in selected ventures upon completion of the fellowship.
  • The whole EWOR Fellowship can be completed online, no relocation needed.

When does the Fellowship start?

These are the starting dates for both paths of the EWOR Fellowship in 2023:

EWOR Post Idea Fellowship – 3 July 2023

EWOR Pre Idea Fellowship – 5 September 2023

EWOR Post Idea Fellowship – 4 September 2023

How much does the programme cost?

The Fellowship is free for accepted applicants. Fellows are expected to provide their own accommodation, food, and travel expenses for the duration of the programme.

Where is the programme located?

The EWOR programmes can be completed online from anywhere and do not require relocation. However, many of our Fellows visit their corporate partner at least once throughout their Fellowship. Unfortunately, we cannot assist talents with visa processes or relocation to Germany.

What is the time commitment?

There is no formal requirement on how much time you will have to study, but Fellows typically dedicate 20–40 hours per week. During the Fellowship, you will experience different phases. In the beginning, you will study more and execute less. Later on, you will focus most of your time on building your venture and less time on studying. At the end of the programme, we would like to see you run a successful business with full-time employees and potentially loads of funding. Anything below 20 hours per week won’t get you there. Lastly, there are weekly calls with both us and the partner company, followed by monthly feedback sessions.



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