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Featured Founder
🇪🇺Albert Munné, CEO and co-founder of Memima Baby uses music to improve babies’ cognitive skills

Great innovations are the result of a period of understanding problems and solutions that lead to a common denominator that solves a larger problem. For an ...

Featured Founder
🇮🇹Giulia Iannucci, CEO and Founder of KnowThyBrand Women uses branding to champion gender equality

Networking has been critical to my business and has always been a priority when I moved my business. In fact, networking is my biggest investment, especially ...

🇧🇬BLAZHKA DIMITROVA -Championing a zero-waste lifestyle

NAME Blazhka Dimitrova AGE 30 HOME Sofia, Bulgaria CAUSE Championing a zero-waste lifestyle Blazhka Dimitrova , also known as the ...

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