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🇸🇮Janez Temlin, the promoter of culture – Open call for artists interested to showcase in Slovenia

Janez Temlin is the founder and editor-in-chief of News of Ljubljana (Ljubljanske novice). The newspaper was registered by the Bureau of the Republic of ...

Recognizing Bias to Unleash Impact

Unconscious bias is everywhere. Whether or not we take notice, bias is present in our daily lives, in our relationships, at work, and in interactions with ...

Pool: Dive into a Web3 New Music Experience: ->  Saturday, March 26, 2022!

Are you an aspiring recording artist? Do you know an aspiring recording artist? Do you like finding dope new music? Welcome to Pool! The! ...

How to become an effective communicator

Why are some people good at communicating and others not? How to stand out in the world of fast-flowing information? Today’s effective communicators use ...

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