Atom Limbs – Revolutionary prosthetics to end physical disability – USA

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Atom Limbs is making the world’s first artificial human arm. They’re giving 50M+ limb-different people their limbs back, and revolutionizing the $800B+ physical disability industry.


Despite modern advancements in medicine and tech, many artificial limbs available today still resemble the prosthetics given to amputees in the 1890s… Meant to give the appearance of a functioning limb, they’re relatively useless to the wearer. Even the most advanced artificial limbs on the market are bulky and powered by the body, severely limiting their potential.

Less than 1 in 5 arm amputees wear a prosthetic — prosthetics simply are not good enough.



Atom’s technology is built on an exclusive partnership with Johns Hopkins to consumerize their Modular Prosthetic Limb system, which received $100M+ of R&D funding from DARPA.

What started as a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory has turned into a phenomenon that has the prosthetics world buzzing.

Tested by over 20 disabled individuals with groundbreaking results, the prototype was already changing the research world. Now Atom Limbs is massively improving that prototype — bringing costs down significantly and massively increasing value — and taking it to market. Finally providing amputees with a solution that provides real value.




Atom Touch will be neurally & non-invasively mind-controlled, offer near-full range of human motion, and restore a basic sense of touch, all worn with a revolutionary apparel attachment system.

“Amazing! But how does it work?”

Great question! One we get all the time. It’s simpler than you might think…

Movement occurs when a person’s brain sends signals down their spinal cord and into nerves in the corresponding muscle. After limb loss, the nerves are still intact but don’t have anything tangible to control. Using a state-of-the-art bracelet worn around the residual limb to capture and read signals from the wearer’s healthy residual muscles, Atom Touch moves as intuitively as a natural limb—and even has a basic sense of touch…

Our never-before-shown prototype developments include an innovative “apparel-like” attachment system, cuff, and socket, all for the most natural look and feel on the market…


This revolutionary, mind-controlled bionic arm is able to mimic the intuitive movements of a natural limb. Individually dexterous fingers empower natural movement, and a simple thought is enough to make Atom Touch grasp, grip, push, pull, curl, wave, write, or type…

Atom Touch is the only prosthetic hand in the world that allows individual finger movement.

The world has never seen a mind-controlled prosthetic limb before, because one has never been successfully created—until now. “Competitors” don’t even come close to matching this unrivaled tech.


A clear path to commercialization:


Note: forward-looking financial projections cannot be guaranteed.


Current prosthetic competitors sell only one device to a customer in their lifetime.

Not only that, they only sell those devices to 1 in 5 arm amputees — most arm amputees simply don’t use a prosthetic because they’re too expensive and can’t do very much.

By making prosthetics dramatically more affordable, we’re significantly expanding the market to the other 4/5 of arm amputees who couldn’t afford a prosthetic previously.

And by making such an advanced artificial arm, it’s not only affordable but desirable… ultimately creating an opportunity for an ongoing relationship with our customers.



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